VideoCapture kaart- 4 ingangen

VideoCapture kaart met 4 ingangen voor bewakings doeleinden.

PCI computer kaart voor beveiligingsdoeleinden. Aansluitingen voor
1 tot 4 camera`s. ( 4 tulp aansluitingen voor video-in ) Het systeem gebruikt bewegingsdetectie technologie en Microsoft videocompressie. Alleen de bewegende objecten worden opgenomen.

4 beelden op ťťn monitor mogelijk.

Uitgebreide specificaties ( engels ):
The system supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The system includes motion detection technology and Microsoft Video Compression, thus users can record the moving objects and not waste storage space. The compression rate, up to 300:1, can save time and costs of continuous recording unlike traditional surveillance systems.

Display and record each camera or any video signal simultaneously.
Adjustable video source (brightness, contrast and etc.), quality, alarm, motion detection area.
Motion Detection: watch for movement detected and record the video clips
Preview size adjustable.
Image quality and Compression ratio adjustable.
Allow the users to define the environment that they do not wish to observe, by adjusting mask area and sensitivity.
Video file database management, delete, backup or review.
Storage Recycle: When running out of disk space, you can delete the data of earliest date.
Remote view through TCP/IP or IPX protocol (Internet/Intranet), fixed IP is recommended.
Remote view through modem communication protocol (Only for 4 port).
Supports following network architecture: T1, T3, ADSL, ISDN, PSTN, Cable modem, Hi building etc.
Compression ratio (without motion detection)
High Image Quality:4:1
Low Image Quality:30:1
Every camera frame rates:
Server: 4 port: 3.0 to 5.0 fps

Remote: 10/N fps (10-Base LAN)
Remote: 1~16fpm(modem communication)

Hardware: Grand Bt878 Video Capture Card
Fully PCI 2.1 compliant
Supports the following video formats which including NTSC-M, NTSC-Japan PAL-B,D,G,H, PAL -M, PAL-N, SECAM, PAL-NC.
Supports 4,9, or 16 composite video input connectors
Bundled with the following Software:
Grand X-Guard (Record and Display)
Remote Camera System (Internet/Intranet or modem communication)
Grand File Database.
Supports 98/ME/2000/XP. Not compatible with Windows 2000 Server Edition.

System Requirements
Intel Pentium II 500 or above, Pentium III 800 is recommended. Not 100% compatible with Celeron or non-Intel-based processors.
Microsoft Win 98/ME 2000/XP. Not compatible with Windows 2000 Server Edition.
Audio output: sound card
Network: Ethernet network card or Modem
Hard disk space: Plenty of disk storage for recording. At least 20 GB
System RAM: 128 MB or above Display card: 16 bit high color

Max. resolution 320x240 pixels.
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VideoCapture kaart- 4 ingangen
VideoCapture kaart- 4 ingangen
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